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Wow, Where've I Been?!

Wow, it's been a fricken long time! Still been watching the show, obviously, (how could I not?!), but I've just been extremely busy with field hockey and school. Anyway, enough excuses. So, here's two simple wallpapers I made for everyone. I just thought that these pictures are simply amazing, so I got a little creative. Nothing over the top, because I personally don't like wallpapers with so many images on them that you can't even see your files on the desktop. Also, they're designed for my wide screen laptop, so if you need them resized, just let me know, and I'll gladly resize them. Hope you like, and feedback would make me smile.

P.s. - anyone else see the latest TV Guide magazine and see the picture of Hugh Laurie inside? Because it's definately straight up out of the Playboy Magazine article from last year. Talk about being lazy TV Guide, you didn't even use a new photo... or your own for that matter! No biggie though, because it's still a banging photo!

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